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Meet The Team

Pooja Arambhan 

Alfred Arambhan

Aarathi Arambhan

Founding Team

Shailendra Rao Nalige

Srinivas Joshi

Engineering Team

Dr. Amit Gupta

Dr. Vinod Chainani

Medical Team

Dr. Shyam Vasudeva Rao

Dr. David G Armstrong

Dr. Arun Bhatt

Venkat Changavalli

Dr. K G Karmakar

Dr. Arvind Chinchure

Ashok Barat

Aaron Solomon

Technical Advisory Board 

iiV Health Solutions is a cutting-edge medical device company committed to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative technologies and solutions for Preventive Healthcare. With a relentless focus on generating awareness for preventive healthcare, advancing patient care, improving clinical outcomes, and enhancing the quality of life, we strive to be at the forefront of medical innovation.

Our state-of-the-art devices leverage the latest advancements in engineering, materials science, and medical research to address unmet needs and challenges across a wide range of medical specialties.

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